Shallow .

We all tend to like people who are similar to us and who we can identify with. But in some situations, it is completely and utterly wrong to merely judge someone with a particular and extremely influential role – i.e. a president – based on the likability of their persona which has nothing to do with their role and obligations.

One example I’m referring to in particular here is Obama who has succeeded in whitewashing himself and making himself appealing (largely to the youth) through his ‘cool’ personality, in a way that will make people uninterested in the atrocities he executes behind his shallow facade. Shallowness is unfortunately a bane of our society. We focus on things that should be least focused on whilst the real activity, the blood and bones activity, the white-collar murder activity, is disregarded to the extent that it was if it had never occurred.

Some significant facts about Obama beyond his ‘cool’ demeanour:

– He dropped 26,171 bombs on 7 countries in 2016 alone. These included Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen and Pakistan.
– This was all whilst arming terrorists in these same countries.
– At the same time showing condemnation of these terrorists to the general public.
– Whilst also showing of himself some false compassionate qualities:


But don’t you worry about all of this, right, because he’s just such a cool guy. What a great character he is. Hey, why not inaugurate a public holiday for him, too. Like, a whole day called ‘Barrack Obama Day’ for a guy who murdered thousands of human beings, shattered families and whose moral integrity is just overflowing.

Let’s not forget about Hilary Clinton. All females must love her simply because she’s a female and ‘girl power’, right? Let’s forget about her lies and murders, though. That’s not important. All it is is cheap blood anyway.

I hope whoever’s reading this (if anyone) understands what I’m trying to get at with this post. We need to stop looking at shallow things and dig deeper for the things that really matter. Not just in terms of politics of course but simply in our everyday lives, which, for many of us, is consumed by things and words that have no substance but which only serve to build a layer that pleases society’s eyes and in doing so distracting from the things that truly matter.

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