The Slave Trade in Libya 2017


Humans are currently being bought and sold and Libya. Everyone’s angry, as am I. But what angers me even further is the way that no one asks how this slavery came about in the first place and who is behind its re-uprising. The person behind this, much to many’s dismay, is ‘Black Lives Matter’ advocate, Barrack Hussain Obama. People are too busy focusing on Donald Trump’s alleged racist comments whilst ignoring the actions of people who are actually responsible for real acts of racism; forgetting that actions always speak louder than words.

Obama supported and funded terrorist rebel groups (i.e. ISIS) in many countries, with Libya being one of these. These groups now have power in Libya and Libya’s government is not yet stable enough to control the mess that Obama’s ‘liberation’ of Libya (funny, this) left behind. These groups are now doing as they please, with many of these extremist members believing that Islam permits slavery. Besides this ‘Islamic’ aspect, as an Arab I can tell you that the truth is there are many Arabs who are racist and have no problem treating black people as subhuman. It’s disgusting that this mentality still exists today but the reality is that it does and Obama’s support of extremist Arab nutjobs has allowed free rein to these kinds of mentalities to come into action.

Now, because of Obama’s idea of ‘liberation’ of Libya – i.e. support of power to terrorist nutjobs – black people are being sold for as little as a couple hundred dollars.

It’s quite amazing, isn’t it, what one does when given power. Obama was the first black president and, ironically, racism against blacks is one of the things that he holds a responsibility for but, as usual, he dismisses these responsibilities. He causes the damage then leaves, back to his luxurious and peaceful home whilst advocating for ‘Black Lives Matter’ and human rights.

This world really sickens me sometimes. But one thing that has given me hope is the way that Syria and Russia were able to win against the devil that is the US. Many lives lost, many families broken, grief that will stay with individuals for the entirety of their lives… but all of this is why Assad’s victory is such a great one. It seemed impossible in the eyes of many for Syria to gain back power against the US and Saudi’s strongly-backed terrorists, but the fact that Assad and Putin transcended far above these expectations and managed to almost completely liberate Syria after a very long and distressing battle gives me hope. A lot of hope.

As the great Bukowski said: it has been a beautiful fight’, and we can now only hope that the damaged countries such as Libya, Yemen and many others resultant from the US’s deadly intervention, will end in the same victorious way that Syria proved they can.