Widening your sCOPE

Apart from the basic reasons that one may put up a world map on their bedroom wall (i.e. the fact that I simply like world maps), I keep a world map in my room because I think it’s important to remind ourselves that we are not as important as we think we are. We get so caught up and consumed by our lives and the smallest details within it that we forget that what we know, what we see and how we see it isn’t all there is. We forget that, amongst the infinite number of living organisms on earth, we, in the eyes of the universe, are very very small. By this, then,does this not mean that the details of our lives are further microscopic; insignificant, essentially? This is of course looking at things from a zoomed out perspective and it is of course natural that as humans, our life and its contents is far more significant to us as it is all we’ve ever known. But I think this zoomed out perspective is necessary sometimes, for the sake of both yourself and other humans.

What I mean is, since, through this zoomed out perspective, the details of your being are insignificant (technically speaking) then this of course means that your everyday negative experiences, however large you feel them to be, are technically not as large, or strong, as you see or feel. This comes with the fact that as humans we have volatile emotions; different ones come and go, rise and surrender, fade and reappear – making this notion that our everyday negative experiences are insignificant further so, and this is based on the fact that nothing in our lives is permanent, including the life itself.

I know this post has a kind of nihilistic nature (unintended) but I’m just trying to bring to light the fact that sometimes, we just need to zoom out a little. You can zoom in to positive things in your life as much as you like because I think that’s what life is all about (ok corny) but when it comes to the weight of negative things, I think it’s good to look at your life from a broader perspective. I say this because I think that, often, when bad things happen in our lives we forget about all the good and the negativity of the current period of our lives blinds us. We forget that our life is a lot more than the negative experience that we are currently going through and the vast scope of the earth can be paralleled with this. Ultimately, there is a lot more to see.